The most important step before repainting /re-staining the exterior of a home to prepare the surface. Proper preparation makes all the difference when painting the exterior of a home. Painting over a dirty surface will not give you good or long-lasting results. When repainting/re-staining any house, power washing is usually needed to remove dirt, silt, mildew, algae, peeling paint, etc. This is needed to clean to accept a good bond to the new coating. Depending on your house, the above may not be necessary if none of the problems exist.

Any exterior caulking is done prior to recoating. Filling cracks and holes with caulk in your home’s trim and siding before painting not only makes the job look better, it also makes the new paint job last longer. We typically use a Siliconized Acrylic caulk. This has excellent bonding, is mildew resistant, paintable and flexible. Usually, an exterior is re-coated with 100% Acrylic Latex paints/stains. The biggest two attributes are excellent color retention and mildew resistant. Oil-based semi-transparent and semi-solid stain are also used. Depending on the project, some get sprayed and back-brushed, some done by hand (brush and roll) or a combination of the two. Any doors, door jams, garage doors, flower boxes, shutters or accent trim areas get done after the walls are completed.

No need to worry about cleaning up after us. We always take care of all of our garbage – empty cans, tubes of caulk, plastic, tape, etc. The only sign we leave behind is the beautiful new exterior of your home. Any leftover product is left with the Owner for touch-up, formula, record of material.


What our Clients are Saying

Painting by Paul did a wonderful job with our home. They were pleasant, efficient, and very clean. We were pleased with every aspect of the project.
~ Jamie R.

I was so impressed with Paul's knowledge! He really knows his stuff! I'd always thought that you just pick colors that you like and that was it. But during the color consultation, we learned that choosing a color goes beyond that. Paul looked at the room and pointed out how we get very little light. Going with the dark color that we chose would have made the room seem much smaller and dark. Instead, we followed his advice and went with a lighter color that added a bunch of warmth to the room. We couldn't be happier.
~ Carol B.

We were trying to sell our home, but we weren't getting any offers. Our real estate agent had recommended that we update our kitchen, but we didn't want to spend the money for a big overhaul. A friend recommended Painting by Paul and we are forever grateful. When Paul came over to do the consultation, he suggested that we simply paint the cabinets rather than buy new ones. A simple coat of paint was all that it took to make our dated kitchen look modern and sophisticated. It wasn't too hard to sell the house after that!
~ Jackie S.

The folks at Painting by Paul are awesome! They were so quick and really did a great job on our home. They have so many great suggestions and are a really professional crew. We'll be using them again!
~ Tyler R.

Fast, friendly and affordable. We're happy to have found Painting by Paul!
~ Rhonda B.

Best painting service I've ever used. Very clean and efficient team.
Bob R.

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